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A fire damaged fire truck sits in the aftermath of the Beachie Creek fire in Detroit, Oregon

Biden, Trump clash over cause of Western wildfires as blazes become election issue

Joe Biden called Trump a "climate arsonist" for failing to acknowledge the role of global warming in the West Coast while Trump, who authorized aid for both California and Oregon, questioned the science. Oregon officials say 22 people are missing and the state is deploying its National Guard.


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Asian shares set to dip as investors await key data

Asian shares looked set to open lower on Tuesday as investors shifted focus to upcoming data and central bank meetings although positive developments around potential COVID-19 vaccines and increased deal activity are likely to stem losses.

Putin throws $1.5 billion lifeline to Belarus leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin bestowed a $1.5 billion loan on Belarus on Monday in a gesture of support for its leader Alexander Lukashenko, who flew to entreat his patron for help after five weeks of mass protests demanding his resignation.


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